Boost your apparel sales with artificial intelligence

The next generation visual search and discovery mobile marketplace. Changing the traditional search paradigms from point and click navigation to visual and voice discovery.

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Delivering an AI-based apparel marketplace requires millions of items, so we are adding the best products and merchants that Shopify has to offer.

Accelerated Discovery

Our visual search process gets shoppers to the products they are interested in faster. Reducing time to discovery increases checkout opportunities.

Personalized Deep Learning

We learn with every shopper's action. Using AI, we are able to instantly analyze product interests and deliver precise and unique recommendations to each user.

Visual Shopping with Deep Learning

A platform for rapid discovery

Shoppers can find a fashion item right when interest is created. With each product viewed, new matches are returned, creating a discovery funnel.

More choices, happier shoppers

At a mall, we usually settle for what we end up buying. With SiBi, shoppers are instantly delivered dozens to hundreds of matches. More choices, less settling.

All merchants are created equal

SiBi does not discriminate. All merchants are treated equally, whether you have 10 products or 10,000. We deliver the closest matches to a shopper’s interest always.

Visual and voice search

Turn the discovery paradigm upside down. Submit a photo of an item, shop by your favorite colors, submit a webpage with fashion items, or simply “Say It” and SiBi will find what you are looking for.

Delivering fashion choices the right way

SiBi steps in at that precise moment, when shoppers first become interested in a specific item, to offer dozens of similar items that perfectly match their criteria—and convert this interest into a sale.

Shopping the right way: visually

Use the Shop by Photo feature, and instantly receive hundreds of matches in the marketplace. Shoppers can also find exact color matches using the Shop by Color feature, and use the Shop by Web Image feature to discover apparel that matches something worn by a celebrity or model.

Artificial intelligence for everyone

Using an area of AI known as deep learning, we can compare millions of items in real time to match shopper’s interests. Deploying deep learning technology is time-consuming and expensive. It also requires hundreds of thousands of products to be practical, making the solution impossible to deliver for most merchants.

A better shopping experience

Shop by Photo

Submit a photo—anywhere, anytime—and get back matches. Fine tune your selection with SiBi’s automated decision funneling process.

Shop by Color

Select your favorite colors from 1000s of choices. SiBi returns exact matches from the entire catalog. Match shoes to handbags, hats to jackets. Or build an entire ensemble in “mint” if you like!

Shop by Web Image

See something you like while surfing the web, perhaps on Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake? Simply submit the webpage, pick the styles you like, and SiBi returns matches from the catalog.

Shop by Voice

See It Buy It replaces the usual text search first strategy with a search by voice option. Simply tell SiBi what you want, and matching selections appear.

What our merchants say

  • “We’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve our conversions and sales efforts. The new See It Buy It sales channel is revolutionary in its approach to streamlining mobile fashion shopping.”

    Dona Mara
    CEO of Posh Girl
  • “Elizabetta Boutique seeks to improve our visibility and sales efforts. We love the concept behind See It Buy It and are excited about the potential of this revolutionary approach to mobile shopping.”

    Elizabeth Perkins
    Founder of
  • “ is very excited about the potential of the See It Buy It marketplace app. As an online-only fashion outlet, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to be more competitive with large retailers.”

    Markus Wilcox
    of Max Ladura

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SeeItBuyIt is forever changing the way people find and buy apparel items on mobile devices. Available on Android and in January for iOS. So what are you waiting for? 
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